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The magic number!

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Another week, another treat.

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I know that several people don't fancy Guitar, but I sure love his sneaky nature. Damn, I really do!

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Like several of you noticed yesterday, my ISP was down once again. So I hoped you survived, like our Heroes did...?

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Noticed latetly how every chapter is called the same thing? So boring, anyways... Enjoy the end of Volume 23.

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And the Melody contiunes.

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Rise evil Sizer!

[hameln-vol23c094.torrent] or []


Has the final showdown between Hamel and Vocal begun?

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Hamel, Oboe and Olin is finally back. It's Hamel's story and he haven't been in it for a long time...

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So another volume ends...

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My ISP begins to get stable, so let's celebrate it with the next chapter. (Like you weren't getting it anyway.) ;)

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Three weeks of my ISP of badness...

On other news, I updated the main Hamel manga-torrent to now include Volume 1-21 and the two RAW-special books. So share to your friends with this [torrent]-link. ;)

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Time to open a can of peas.

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Prince Lute appears.

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...damn my ISP this last week...

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Back to Vocal & Co.

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What is Clari seeing!? Well read on to see what...

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Sometimes I can be nice and release a chapter one day early, so enjoy the end of volume 20!

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Beautiful ruby, where are you?

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I just love Olin, don't you?

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Sorry about that, I actually forgot to update yesterday... Well, Clari have just teleported to Hamel, Oboe and Olin. What will happen next...?

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Beware to camp in the dark forest! There is something lurking to firecamps...

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Wow, a new year have arrived! And what a better way to celebrate it with another chapter and the end of volume 19! I know you all will love it. :)

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Last chapter before the New Years...

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Merry Christmas.

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It has begun...

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Some torrent-changes, packed in volume 16-18 torrents to one each big torrent. And merged the music into one torrent.


Ocarina is finally back to give her report from the depths of Mazoku capital Hameln. What horrors have she discovered?

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I will leave the word over to Vocal.

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Yay, another week have passed!

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So US-readers got time to even read todays update with their PS3 (Japan too) and Wii. Well, let me rephrase that. Those that managed to get it. To us others that don't have the launch of those yet for a time... I bring next chapter. Hurray!

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And so Volume 17 have come to an end... Next Volume the bad guys will appear fluently again. So until that, enjoy!

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Still having some ISP-issues as you probally have noticed. Anyhow, here is the next chapter. :)

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Quick summery: I orded new connection to my new place before I moved. I moved. I waited. I called. I called again. I called yet again. I waited.... And look, today I got my connection... So before I get everything back togheter again, I treat you with a new chapter! I know you have longed, and yes... This is the chapter the movie is based on.

[hameln-vol17c069.torrent] or []

SERVER DOWNTIME: 2006-09-29 to 2006-10-23

I will move October 1st, so therefor I will shut down the server a day, hours (or something like that) before I move. And it won't be back up running again until I have gotten my internet connection at my new place. Therefor I can't say when it will be back upline, but be sure to check by. It will come back.


Sorry for the late update, but been quite busy now and I was out of town the previous weekend. But now for the last update before my move. Enjoy Cornet is back!

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Lookie here... A day early (Well, I won't be home tomorrow). So let's end the short stories of Volume 16...

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Another week, another chapter edited by Angela. Enjoy!

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Bass is finally back. I know you have been longing for him. :)

[hameln-vol16c065.torrent] or []


Will the kingdom of Score ever forgive Hamel after what he had done?

[hameln-vol16c064.torrent] or []


Time for some Queen Horn to once again enter the story...

[hameln-vol16c063.torrent] or []


After Score, will things cool down?

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Today our excellent Phenoma presents you movement 61!

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It's hard to write these updates... Well, let's get it over with, download away!

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Will Orgel suceed where Sizer, Drum, Guitar and kinda Bass failed...?

[hameln-vol15c059.torrent] or []



I managed to get my hands on the last Hamel CD (Not counting audio-dramas)! I bet you didn't expect this release today. :)



So... some of you was scared of no more Hamel (at least one at the Help forum). But don't fear, it's on it's normal pace. Once a week (as we can maintain it). So let's begin with Volume 15!

[hameln-vol15c058.torrent] or []


Version two of Magic Kaito chapter 6 is now online with the missing pages and omake translation! (Thanks to bookworm of Lincoln College Anime Appreciation Society). Therefor I also updated kaito-vol01c01_004.jpg with the new information, for those that want updated info-file, this one is also included in the main volume torrent.

Main volume torrent also contains the version 2 of chapter 6, and the a separate link for ch6v2 is below. I want to point out once again, that I'm sorry. But... Enjoy!

[kaito-vol01c06v2.torrent] or []


What is this!? Not a Hameln related release? It must be something wrong... But, it isn't!

So what is this then? Well, it's a manga by Gosho Aoyama and it's about Kaito Kid. Remember him from Detective Conan? Well, this manga was done before Conan. So if you love Kid in Conan, I'm sure you adore this one. And... Don't forget to read the info page (p004), it will explain some things.

I want to point out, that is my first edit ever. So I hope you all enjoy it. :)

[kaito-vol01.torrent] or []


I removed the Volume 1-13 torrents, and made a big one containing them all (Volume 1-14).



And so Volume 14 comes to an end...

[hameln-vol14c057.torrent] or []


Flute have passed out, the Mazakou is on their move and Hamel, Raiel & Pandora's past gets more clearer... and what ever happened to Trom?

[hameln-vol14c056.torrent] or []


One week have passed. Wow, the time goes away quickly... So that means another movement for you today, enjoy!

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Huh? Were did all massive text disapear to? I guess some of you thought of that, but since it now have gone one year sicne we started (Hipp Hipp Hurrah!), I have now moved all old news to a Old News-page.

I hope some of you can drop by the forums and say something in the birthday topic. ;)

Everyone also say hello to our new editor Angela, Hello!

Then it's time for the thing most of you are waiting for... Next update, well it's here. Go and grab it!

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What a cliffhanger... I'm sure you are all waiting for the Sizer vs Orgel fight. But, instead Watanabe decided to make a part of Raiel's past. Enjoy.

[hameln-vol13s01.torrent] or []


There won't be a direct download today, until tomorrow. Because I promised Kaizou Fansubs to help them distro their big Conan (anime)-release today. So you have to live with only a torrent for one day. Sorry about that. ^^;

Update: Direct download is online.

[hameln-vol13c053.torrent] or []


What more can I say then, what are you waiting for!? Download. :P

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I'm back home. I had quite the trip, I managed to about everything, including losing my wallet... But it's all good.

So today I present the last weeks chapter and this weeks chapter. And don't forget to check out the competition winners.

[hameln-vol12c050-vol13c051.torrent] or []


I haven't recieved any chapter yet from Phenoma, and I'm off to visit my brother who lives in Barcelona. So I won't be able to update until I come back on Saturday...

With that being said, the competition is now over. We got two entries (which will be presented in the next update), and I have selected a winner. But... I will give the runner up something aswell (will just take longer time). :)

On another note, I got a mail from ISP. Where it stated that during May 15 to June 2, they will "upgrade" the internet connection. So during 8:00-15:00 (GMT), my internet may go down or be slow. So, don't worry if this page goes down. It's just my ISP messing around.



Have the showdown for Hamel vs. Raiel begun now again? and who will win...

[hameln-vol12c049.torrent] or []


I will leave the update to the notice file in todays chapter. Enjoy. :)

[hameln-vol12c048.torrent] or []


Volume 12 have begun, our hero Hamel's party have now recieved two new members. What will happen next? Read on, to find out what!

[hameln-vol12c047.torrent] or []


Scythe GP is in terrible need for a translator (our translations just gets too worse at this point).

If you think you can help in this regard, please leave a post on the forum or send an e-mail to

Other than that, I give you the next movement. Enjoy.

[hameln-vol11c046.torrent] or []


First I want to tell everyone of you that we have gotten a new domain, it's

Finally April Fools day is over, so let's celibrate it with the next movment!

But that isn't everything, for those that have been on the forum knew this was coming. I present for you three new CD-rips, they are the Movie OST, Movie Theme CD-Single and TV ED2-Single. I hope you enjoy them, I know I do. This torrent will be up until next movement update, which I then merge the two Music-torrents.

[hameln-vol11c045p2.torrent] or [] and [VoH-Music2.torrent]


The big battle have ended, what will happen now... Only the next movement will tell.

[hameln-vol11c045p1.torrent] or []


A lot of happen, but to make things short. Read forum post that is coming up in some hours.

A FTP including all our releases is now up and running, go to the forum to see how to connect to it.

And not only are we giving you a movement today, but also the VoH Special (manga), which is in japanese, and we won't touch it unless anyone want to translate it for us.

[hameln-vol11c044.torrent] or [] and [VoH-Special.torrent]


It's time for our hero Raiel to rescue everyone!

On another note, we are going to take 1-2 weeks break, as we have been busy with some things in real life. But don't worry, I maybe have something else to give you instead.

[hameln-vol10c043.torrent] or []


Have January already passed? Wow... Well, let's continue with next movement.

[hameln-vol10c042.torrent] or []


Sizer VS Guitar. I don't think I need to say more than that.

[hameln-vol10c041.torrent] or []

Second update: The VoH pages is updated with a new sublink, it's a Character and Summon Spirits database.


For those that have the RSS-Feed, they got this message one day ago as a litle treat. But to get down to what it is about...
I recently managed to download VoH Perfect Guide Book. In it, there are some drawn color pages and a lot of information about the manga (in japanese of course). It's nothing we are going to touch, but for those that are collecting everything, and don't have it, here you go.

And be warned! There are some spoilers in it.
Only a .torrent-file this time, as it is quite big (44,1MB). I hope you enjoy it.



Pandora's Box have been located and our great hero Hamel and his party have just arrived at the remains of Slur... What will happen next? Well go and download next chapter and you will see. On another note, watch out for Phenoma's best ramble-spot so far. He got something to tell you...

[] or []


A small update, but I just added a RSS-Feed. For those that are interested.


The War of Slur have begun... Slur's last defense, the Prince's and Princess of Slur, is fighting for their Victory. Or can our great hero Hamel's party reach in time... Well, what are you waiting for, go and read. :)

[] or []


It's time for another update! I know you all are eager to get it, so don't waste anymore time. Go and download it now, through any of the two links below. As always, we got a forum with chapter reviews. Come by, if you have the time.

[] or []


It's a new year. Mostly of you have celebrated, with good reason too. So now when you are finally relaxed. Settle down and read the next movement. This time I will try a direct-download, along with the normal BitTorrent-file. Let's see how it works out.

[] or []


It's finally over... I have survived yet another Christmas once again.

On another note, in the forums we have begun with a chapter review, so after you read today's movement. Go there and post your comments. Grab away!


Christmas time is coming... Oh no! Not again, at least it is just once per year. Lucky!

It's time to end volume eight with Sidestory 2 this week. And, what a sidestory it is. So download and discuss it at the forums! Promise?


It's time for an update. This time our great leader (and best editor in the world) Phenoma willingly gives you (Volume 8 Sidestory 1).

Other updates include a torrent for Volume 1-7 and all CD's I have ripped in one big torrent. I hope you havne't missed our forum? Well, if go there now. ;)


Sorry for the downtime... But our webhost went down by unkown reason and stayed so since that... I have now set up the webhost on same computer as the tracker runs on.

Because of this, it's a new forum (you have to register once again) and new link to save as Homepage, I mean bookmark. ;)

And as Phenoma says so greatly on We are back!!! forum post, here it is! The long awaited hameln-vol08c033-035. Enjoy!


Hm... is available for grabs. You must read the little special story at the end. Why? Well... You will see. :)


It's finally November! Hurray! or something like that... I know for some of you that celebrate Halloween feel a bit letdown because of not getting any treat by us... So far I haven't seen trick against us, so it's all good. But today I will give you for download! Enjoy!


What do we have here? Well, it's another update! So go and get at once as I know you will.

On other news, we have now had over 10 000 visitors since we launced the site and today I changed from webstats4U to StatCounter for visitors stats, check the bottom if you are interrested.

Last, we want to thank d0lphin for helping us. d0lphin have begun translating misc pages, such as the introduction of volume seven, which will be added to the volume seven torrent later on. Once again, a great thank you to d0lphin!


With, volume seven begins...


Another week, another movement. Even the end of Volume 6! So go and grab at once. Or else Hameln will make you dance!

On another note, some of you perhaps already have noticed... But Kitsune Fansubs are back in action, they released their fansub of VoH ep3 a few days ago. I suggest you go and take a visist.


It's time for another update! So go and grab at once. I know you won't be disappointed.


As you hopefully read on the forum announcements, there will be not one movement update today... Sad really, it have to be enough with three movements. I hope you can manage. So be sure to grab hameln-vol05c024-vol06c026 now!

As we now have caught up with Arr, we are going to try to hold one movement-release each week. Remeber to post on the forums and give Phenoma a big thanks for editing!


I know you couldn't sleep from last movement until this one, so to help you to get some sleep I present for you Enjoy!


Our heroes have arrived to Sforzando, read about their glorious entrance in


The volume four torrents have been removed and have been replaced by a volume four torrent. And now that volume four have ended, let's begin with volume five. Go and grab!

Some few people doesn't seem to have found the music-section. Well... It's music from Violinist of Hameln, so go to VoH in navigation-menu, and after that Music. It wasn't that hard, was it?


Second last CD I got have been posted, it's TV OST 2. Be sure to grab it in the music-section.

Addition: The very last CD I have, have been posted. It's The Violinist of Hameln Drama CD - first movement - II, be sure to grab it in the music-section. If anyone else of you got any CD I don't have and want to rip it for us, please contact us and we will guide you have to rip them.


It's time to end volume four. Therefor Scythe GP presents for you for download.


The tracker should be up now again.


The Violinist of Hameln OST 1 is now available in the Music-section. And please post something on the forum, it's quite quiet there... :(


Some time have passed since the last update, so it's better to update again with a new movement. Be the first ones that gets!


I got some more music for you, if you want it, go to the music-section. A friend of mine took his entire day to help me translate that tracklist (That's why he can't really be a translator), so we still want someone(s) to be a translator(s) for us. But in the meantime I present to you Violinist of Hameln Audiomanga Vol. 2. But that is not all, I also give you two singles! MAGICAL:LABYRINTH// and kizudarake no tsubasa. Enjoy!

Wait a moment! What is an audiomanga you ask? Well, it's like an audiobook, but instead the seiyuus from the Hameln-movie is acting out the manga, this cd volume 3-4.


Forum is back up online! To celebrate this the next volume is available to grab, so go and get

We still need a translator, if anyone wants to help. Why not help so I can tag the next CD I have? Audio-Manga Vol 2.


Okay, the Tracker is back up. But will be down perhaps some times during the weekend for small periods, getting a better upstream from my ISP, but they are havning big problems delivering it to me.


Forum is down because of server MySQL-error.


Another Wensday, another release. So go and grab!


Minor tweaks on the pages and I also have uploaded large volume cover scans for each volume. I also made a torrent, [Hameln - Volume Covers], to make it easy to get all at once and to save some bandwith.


Music-section is updated with OST3, as I promised.


It's time to begin with Volume 4, so that's why I present you with [hameln-vol04c016]. And the torrents for each movement in volume 3 have been taken off the site, instead I have put up a volume three torrent. But I will seed [] until next update for those that got the torrent-link from any other site.

The Music-section, well I didn't have time for tagging all files in OST3, but I have now at least put up Vocal Collection Songbook. If you want my rip and scans of it, go there.


I decided to split apart the Anime & Music page to their own pages. The Anime-page is now done and the Music-page is soon done, but you can see what there will be there. And I got two more CDs that I haven't put up there yet. As you can notice, the torrent isn't up yet for that, I will make an update for it


tidwah offered to host VoH, and now everything have been set up. So now for those that had some problem get your Hameln needs. So go and check out his site at once.


For starters I have been updating the site a bit. Now the "tab" Violinist of Hameln opens it's own menu with all volumes of the manga including the misc page Anime & Music, which I will be working on next. Check out for more updates in the future.

Thought I forgot about a new movement? Well, there I scared you... ;) Just go and grab the next movement. [hameln-vol03c015]


We got an e-mail regarding what Watanabe described "Song of the Earth" in Volume 1, Movement 2 (Page 76). And for you which can't remember it, or to lazy to look it up again, you can re-read [Page 76].

The e-mail:

The "Lied von der Erde" known as "Song of the Earth" is not Mahler's tenth symphony. The Song of the Earth is a song cycle, meaning it is a series of short vocal pieces set to instrumental accompaniment.

It is true that Song of the Earth was dedicated to his mother, but the Tenth symphony was not. In fact no one (including mahler biographers) knows what Mahler was trying to write about and why. Although it is incomplete, several people who have studied the manuscripts and his notes believe it to be some kind of reference to the themes found in the Dante's divine comedy.

If you want to listen to a really wonderful interpretation of Mahler's Tenth symphony I'd recommend to find the Rudolf Barshai version performed by the Junge Deutsch Philharmonie(Young German Philharmonic).

What more can I say than... Wow! Go and discuss at the [Forum].


It's time for another musical update. So be sure to grab next movement of Hameln. [hameln-vol03c014]

Unski asked on the forums if anyone knew if Hameln had published anywhere else than Japan. All I knew (after watching some pages) is that Volume 1-9 have been publish in Italy some years back. Do you know anymore or why they stopped publishing in Italy? Why not drop a post at the forum? [Has VoH been published outside Japan?]


It's time for some more music-madness. So go and grab the newest movement 13! [hameln-vol03c013]


Wednesday and I can't think of anything to write... Well grab it here: [hameln-vol03c012].


As volume two ended, it's time to begin with volume three. So here I give you the first movement of volume three. Enjoy! [hameln-vol03c011]
The old torrents of volume two have now been removed and been replaced with a volume two torrent.


Nothing major to report, but entire site is now w3c-validated.


Last movement of volume two is now out, be sure to grab it. [hameln-vol02c010].


I see you have come upon this pag on a saturday, and what do you find then? Well, the next movement of Hameln of curse! [hameln-vol02c009].


Sorry, I was too tired when I came home yesterday and fell alseep at once... But here is the next movement: [hameln-vol02c008].


It's saturday and that means a new movement for you. It's both on the IRC-bot Sizer and on BT using this link [hameln-vol02c007].


Next movement have already been on the IRC-bot Sizer for some hours like I told you yesterday. But, here is the BT-file for it. Grab it here. I have also removed the old invidual-files for Volume 1 and made one large torrent for it.


We now got a dedicated IRC-bot for our releases. So if you are having problems getting files from BT, then why not slide by our IRC-channel and grab them there? And while you are on it, talk some too. ;)

Tomorrow I will release next chapter on IRC some hours earlier (than BT), to celibrate this. So if you want it earlier, come by around 17 GMT-time.


Look! Finally there is a new layout for our page. Simple and quite nice, at least I think so. :)

Other news include that we have an IRC-channel now (right now I'm alone in it). So go and check it out at: #ScytheGP @

I almost forgot! Phenoma still want to point out this. Haha...


It's Satuday and you know what that means, yes it's a new movement for you, get it here.


Don't be alarmed, todays chapter will be up in some hours since I putting up this update. I want to tell you all that we got a new Staff-member, namely our second editor Bakimaru. Both I and Phenoma are delighted that he decided to join us.
And here is the new Movement, get is here.


As promised, the next Movement is up and you can get it here.
And right now at the forum, have a a topic about how to release our releases, so go and say your opinion.


Status update: The Forum is now up and running! And it should be stable for long period now.

To celebrate this, we are giving you the next Movement of Hameln! So be sure to get it here. And yes, there will be a new one on around Friday too, as promised. :)


Status update: Forum is still down, because of the server this site is hosted on, got a major breakdown, luckily this site can still be accessed. And a link-section have been added.

Wow! Right now as I'm writing this, Movement #1 of Hameln have been downloaded 96 times. This is around 20 times more than we had hoped for, so be sure to check by around Friday to get next chapter of Hameln.
Do you have any comments, complaints or anything else? Then mail to: and will will respond so fast as we can.

PS. Phenoma want to add: Gourry is free for sexual favors... We charge 50 pound an hour. - What a joker he is... DS.


The site is up and running, and we present for you, the very first chapter of Violinist of Hameln!

The forum is down at the moment, because of server MySQL-problems, but will be up when those have been fixed.
Stay tuned for next update.