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Baka-Update: Manga Baka-Updates: MangaUpdates
Baka-Updates is a site dedicated to bringing the anime and manga community the latest release information. It is our goal here in the manga section to make sure you know when another edition of your favorite manga has been released.

The Evil Empire
Always wanted to download some Hamel, and much more than that? Then this is your place. Don't forget to be a formal member on their community.

*.:: Banzai! Chouno's Lil' Site ::.*
Hosting Hamel and other manga's as well. Take a look.

Violinist of Hameln Links

VoH: Under the Kotatsu VoH: Under the Kotatsu
The best english Violinist of Hameln website on the net.

hamelnclub VoH fan club on deviantArt
If you are a deviantART-user, you must check this club out. They got loads off info, contests and more. What are you waiting for!?

KeSuToRa no HaKo (Zrana's Realm)
What are you waiting for? Go and visit it now, too see Zrana's wonderful drawings, skecthes and more...

deviantART: pu-sama If you are a VoH-addict, you must have seen Puu-sama's deviantART before. If now, go there at once. And you will spend hours there.

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