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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

0. Want to host our manga or make translation into another langauge?

We encourage it! The more fans of, the merrier!

1. What is Scythe GP?

Scythe GP is a scanlator-group, that is working on the manga Violinist of Hameln and have also done Magic Kaito Volume 1.

2. Who founded Scythe GP?

The founders of Scythe GP are Gourry (Webmaster & misc.) & Phenoma (Editor).

3. Why did you found Scythe GP?

No other scanlation-group is doing Hameln. Well not entirely true, there is Arr!! Here there be Manga!! but they are busy with their baby boy. With that in their life, their last Hameln update was over a year ago (2004). So after some search we finally managed to get scans of all 37 volumes of Hameln, and translations by Doc for the first nine volumes, and thought it would be fun to distribute the work we did out to everyone, not just for our self, but for everyone so they can see how good Hameln really is.

So why didn't we begin where Arr!! Here there be Manga!! ended?
Well... Phenoma and I (Gourry) talked it over and thought it would be best to begin from the begning to attract new fans and at that moment didn't have translations for volume nine and fowards. So then we would have to stop when we reached it.

4. So what after volume 27?

Well... Not much we can do, as we don't know enough Japanese to actually translate it well, so therefore we need some help from YOU to help us translate the rest of the story. Or else we have to stop at volume 27, I guess. So please e-mail us at and help out, so we can finish Hameln.

5. Can I be of service on anything except translating?

Try e-mailing us at and say what you can do to help us, and let us see what happens after that.

6. The tracker isn't working?

Well, then something must be quite wrong, e-mail me about it at and I will fix it so soon I can.

7. What is a .torrent file?

Well, you better check this FAQ then: Brian's BitTorrent FAQ & Guide, and about direct downloads, read question six again.